Illinois State Physical Activity & Nutrition (ISPAN)

Funded by CDC in Oct 2018 through the Illinois Public Health Institute, this 5 year and $4.6 million initiative focuses on implementing physical activity and nutrition interventions in areas hardest hit by chronic disease like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. With $228,000 coming to Peoria Lead Agency for the Tri-county area of Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties, ISPAN strategies align with our Tri-county Community Health Improvement Plan priority Healthy Eating Active Living.


Activities center around our strategies.

Breastfeeding and Early Childhood Education:

  • Support training of community Peer Certified Lactation Counselors.
  • Distribute Ready, Set, Baby materials to medical offices.
  • Promote and recruit women to attend the Centering Pregnancy programs held in the community.
  • Fund and support additional nursing spaces at public locations and schools.
  • Participate in the Central Illinois Breastfeeding Taskforce and view  Black Breastfeeding Week activities.

Built Environment:

  • Develop a Complete Streets Design Manual.
  • Identify funding sources for physical activity in the built environment.
  • Arrange for training around Complete Streets and advocacy for bike/walkways for all.
  • Participate in the Walkability Action Institute to coordinate regional transportation and planning partner action plan.
  • Review the Complete Streets Pop-up Demonstration in downtown Peoria to show how biking and walking, as well as social gatherings can fit into a Complete Streets project.

Food Service Guidelines:

  • Provide technical assistance for assessments and policy language for worksites to adopt good food purchasing policies.
  • Work with food panties on nutrition policies in food distribution.
  • Participate in and guide the Regional Fresh Food Council.
  • Assist agencies with food service policy implementation.
  • Review the Southside Farmer's Market event activities engaging community partners to promote fresh food purchases in an underserved area.