Environmental Health

Due to COVID-19 Emergency Response, Peoria  City/County Health Department may have limited services  in some program areas.  


The Peoria City/County Environmental Health Program strives to protect public health through programs specifically designed to promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce risks associated with communicable disease. Our goals are to preserve and protect environmental health via surveillance, education, enforcement, and prevention of environmental hazards that can adversely affect human health.

Temporary guidelines to access limited services during COVID-19 response

  • Applications, variances, and all other documents are accepted by email, fax, or mail. Email: EH@peoriacounty.org  Fax:  309-679-6174
  • For additional services or to make payments, call 309-679-6161 for appointments or directions. No walk-ins accepted.
  • Frequently asked documents below:

6-27-20 Phase 4 Temporary Food Event Guidelines

6-27-20 Phase 4 Guidelines for Meetings & Social Events, Indoor & Outdoor Recreation, Restaurants & Bars, and More

3-17-20 Food Safety Guidance for Food Pantries COVID-19

4-20-20 Self-Inspection Form (2020) link

  • See additional program links below for more specific program guidelines.