Environmental Health

Due to COVID-19 Emergency Response, Peoria  City/County Health Department may have limited services  in some program areas.  

Environmental Health applications, variances, and other documents are accepted by email, fax, or mail. Email our Environmental Health Office at EH@peoriacounty.org  Fax:  309-679-6174

For additional services for appointments or for directions to make payments, email is preferred to make your arrangements at Environmental Health Office at EH@peoriacounty.org (or call 309-679-6161.) No walk-ins accepted.

When directions have been provided to you for dropping off or picking up materials, we will have designated parking spaces with sign instructions once you are here. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe during this time.

Frequently asked documents below:

3-17-20 Food Safety Guidance for Food Pantries COVID-19

4-20-20 Self-Inspection Form (2020) link


Environmental Health Division protects the public health through programs specifically designed to promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce risks associated with communicable disease. Our team of Environmental Health Specialists, Practitioners, Risk Assessors, and support staff achieve our goals for the following:

  • To identify and evaluate environmental sources and hazardous agents, and
  • To use surveillance, education, and enforcement to limit exposure to harmful physical, chemical, and biological agents in air, water, soil, food, and other settings that may adversely affect human health. 

Environmental health impacts families and communities in many ways. Review the latest food safety inspections for restaurants, research ways to repel and reduce disease carrying mosquitoes, and learn how to keep private drinking water safe after a flood.