Peoria Region COVID-19 Testing Collection Sites

Local Community-Based Testing Site Locations:

  • Heartland Health Services
  • Local hospitals, physician officers, private laboratories, and pharmacies in our area are also offering testing. Please check with your healthcare provider.

Some insurance companies may send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to those who get tested. The EOB may indicate there is a patient charge or patient responsibility amount. While the EOB may indicate there is a patient charge, you should not receive an actual invoice from the testing site. Please follow up with your insurance company if you have questions.

What To Bring With You:

Bring a photo ID, a smartphone if you have one, and an insurance card only if you have one. Insurance cards are accepted if you have one, but you are not required to display proof of health insurance in order to be tested for COVID-19. Insurance will be billed only if applicable. There is no cost to be tested at any of the above Heartland Health Testing Locations or the IEMA Testing Location (located near the Peoria Civic Center).

Please be sure to give an accurate, valid phone number when filling out your pre-test paperwork. Your results will be given to you via phone, and results will not be disclosed in a voicemail. It is important that you answer the phone and speak to the agent trying to reach you with your test results when they call.

Obtaining Your Test Results

Please refer to the paperwork given to you at the testing site for the most up-to-date information on receiving your results.

Results have been taking around 24 hours, but it may take anywhere between 4-7 calendar days before you receive your results, depending on the testing site and lab capacity. If you do not receive your results within 7 days, please call a representative from your testing site lab location for more information:

  • For Heartland Health Services location: Call Reditus Lab at (469) 498-0222.
  • For Peoria Civic Center location (on Fulton St. in downtown Peoria): Call Centene at 1-888-297-7208.

The Peoria City/County Health Department does not receive direct results. 

Test results for individuals using the IDPH testing site at the Peoria Civic Center will receive their results by telephone call or through MyChart. Test results for individuals using Heartland Health Services testing sites will receive their results by a phone call or text message. Test results will not be given through voicemail.