COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Local Statistics and Information*

  • Peoria County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 4444
    • Total Deaths: 61
  • Tazewell County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 2548
    • Total Deaths: 53
      • Tazewell County is reporting three deaths:
        • Female, 60s, resident of Timber Creek Rehab and Health Care, currently experiencing an outbreak
        • Female, 70s, not associated with long-term care
        • Male, 70s, not associated with long-term care
  • Woodford County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 603
    • Total Deaths: 15

*Provisional data as of 10/23/20 - 12:49 p.m.

Daily COVID-19 infographic for Peoria County data

More COVID-19 Information for Peoria County

Weekly In-Depth Reports

Want to see more numbers and view trends? View COVID-19 Surveillance Reports to see local, state, and national weekly data. Please note, there is some delay in when we receive this information, therefore reports are typically 2 weeks behind the current date. 

Testing Sites

More information about Peoria Region COVID-19 Testing Sites and locations is available here.

Reopening Guidance

Information about phased reopening for businesses and individuals may be found on our State and Local Reopening Guidance page.

News Updates

You can also find additional COVID-19 news updates and our News Updates page.

Archive list of COVID-19 Media Releases

Peoria County COVID-19 GIS Map

In addition to daily COVID-19 counts for the tri-county area, new Geographic Information System(GIS) maps for Peoria County now display a dashboard for a visual explanation of local community spread. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates data with location to provide maps and data in a visual way. You can view the COVID-19 GIS map below.

While the GIS Dashboard will be updated throughout the week, please note that depending on the time of day the daily count numbers are released, those numbers may not align with the time of day numbers are updated or represented in the dashboard.