Program Contacts

This index will help you identify and use our various programs. Additional information on our services may be obtained by calling 309-679-6000 or any of the following direct lines.

Programs Phone Number
Administration and Administrative Support 309-679-6101
Child and Family Health Programs 309-679-6096
Communicable Diseases 309-679-6655
Community Health Policy and Planning 309-679-6150
Dental Clinic 309-679-6141
Emergency Preparedness 309-679-6020
Environmental Health 309-679-6161
Epidemiologist 309-679-6010
Foreign Travel Immunizations 309-679-6655
Freedom of Information Officer 309-679-6101
Immunization Clinic 309-679-6655
Lead Hazard Screening for Homes 309-679-6120
Lead Screening for Children 309-679-6076
Media Liaison 309-672-6918
Private Well Water Permits 309-679-6161
Onsite Wastewater Disposal System Permits 309-679-6161
Report Foodborne Illness 309-679-6655
Restaurant Inspections 309-679-6161
STD/HIV Testing 309-679-6655
Tobacco Free Communities 309-679-6603
Tuberculosis (TB) Services 309-679-6655
Vital Records (Birth and Death Certificates) 309-679-6032
W.I.C. Nutrition Program 309-679-6076