Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Testing

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See what to do if you have been exposed to tuberculosis.

TB Skin TestingThink TB

The following guidelines apply to testing:

  • One Step and Two Step TB skin testing is offered.
  • TB testing is done by appointment on 1 day and a second appointment for the test reading 48 to 72 hours later.
  • All children, younger than 18 years, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Charges may apply. Cash, checks, Medicaid, major credit cards accepted.

Recommendations for TB Skin TestingCenter for Disease Control TB Website

The following individuals should get a TB test:

  • Individuals having had close contact (within the last 24 months) with a person confirmed to have pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Foreign-born persons applying for permanent entry into the United States
  • Persons entering school/daycare programs that require TB screening
  • Employment applicants whose employer requires TB screening
  • Travelers with itineraries indicating high risk for TB transmission should be tested both before and after travel.
  • Clients referred by physician for TB screening prior to start of medical treatments