Lead-Safe Homes Program

Due to COVID-19 Emergency Response,  limited services may be available. 

The Lead-Safe Homes Program addresses the issue of Peoria County having one of the highest lead poisoning rates in the State of Illinois. Exposure to lead paint can have many harmful effects to pregnant women and to children. Lead paint can be found in older homes on windows, siding, and doors. For information, qualifications, and appointments, call 309-679-6120. 

The Lead-Safe Homes Program repairs may include siding, doors, windows, soffits and/or painting. Program guidelines include:

  • 20% landlord match contribution
  • 3 year occupancy requirement following mitigation work (Promissory Note)
  • Current homeowners’ insurance
  • Historical, flood plain clearance
  • Income eligibility based on household size
  • Paid property taxes
  • Proof of Ownership (Recorded Deed)
  • Residence in 61603, 61604, 61605, or 61606 ZIP code
  • Single family residence built prior to 1978

View our Lead-Safe Housing Registry for homes with repairs through this program.

Before Lead Hazard Removal Program

A rundown house with a brick front porch.

After Lead Hazard Removal Program

A house with new paint and a brick front porch.

After Photos

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Childhood Lead Screening Program

Lead screening program for children up to age 6.

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