Lead-Safe Homes Program

Due to COVID-19 Emergency Response, Peoria City/County Health Department is closed to the public. Limited services are available. 

Temporary guidelines to access limited services

Lead Safe Homes Programs:  309-679-6120

Appointments only with curbside assistance for applications and signatures.

Lead-safe homes programs

Repairs may include siding, doors, windows, soffits and/or painting. Program guidelines include:

  • 15% landlord match contribution
  • 3 year occupancy requirement following mitigation work (Promissory Note)
  • Current homeowners’ insurance
  • Historical, flood plain clearance
  • Income eligibility based on household size
  • Paid property taxes
  • Proof of Ownership (Recorded Deed)
  • Residence in 61603, 61604, 61605, or 61606 ZIP code
  • Single family residence built prior to 1978

Lead Hazard Removal Photos

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Before Lead Hazard Removal Program

A rundown house with a brick front porch.

After Lead Hazard Removal Program

A house with new paint and a brick front porch.

Healthy Homes

Learn more about keeping the home free of health hazards such as lead-based paint, mold, malfunctioning gas appliances, carbon monoxide poisoning, and improper storage of pesticides.

Keeping Your Home Healthy & Safe

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Healthy Housing Assessment Video

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Healthy Homes Video