Strategic Planning

Peoria City/County Health Department Strategic Plan, 2017 - 2019

This plan was adopted by the Board of Health on December 12, 2016. Download the plan (PDF).

Our Mission

Through the effective, efficient use of resources, we engage, educate and regulate to promote health, prevent disease, and provide for a safe environment.

Our Vision

A healthy, safe and informed community through collaborative partnerships.

Goals & Strategic Initiatives:

Summary of goals and strategic initiatives of the strategic plan.

Foster a Thriving, Competent & Empowered Workforce

  • Develop and implement a succession plan for key members of the agency.
  • Increase staff morale.

Establish Financial Sustainability

  • Continue to deliver the core, mandated services that are provided  and continue to meet the criteria to be a certified health department.
  • Maintain all current essential services and have a method in place to identify emerging issues.

Provide an Efficient, Safe & Welcoming Environment

  • Develop and implement a plan to increase usability of the Peoria City/County Health Department (PCCHD) building including access, internal layout and a welcoming environment.
  • Improve coordination of client services.

Enhance Pcchd as a Valued Public Health Resource

  • Develop and implement an internal marketing plan for PCCHD.
  • Develop and implement an external marketing plan for PCCHD.

Improve Health Equity

  • Implement Health in all Policies.
  • Implement Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) priorities.